Collage N
patience and a calm hand:
handmade papercollages by denis kollasch


I want to tell stories. The use of old illustrations from magazines and homemade photographs helps me to express myself.

I also like paper as a material: it is silent, does not smell and it can be edited in a variety of ways, including tearing, cutting, and folding. It is just wonderful. It is like a universe, as I give myself lots of time for experimentation and can try many new things.

 "Collage N (aka Denis Kollasch) delivers a steady stream of thoughtful cut and paste collages. His translation of architecture into geometric fragments often results in dense collages.

The landscapes presented are utopian, thick pastiches uf humanity illustrated by the buildings we live and work in.

In other work, he collages folded paper into works. In Faltage - Schwarze Faltung, the black folded paper becomes an object of veneration when set to a photograph of a man in a martial arts pose. Like his collages of architecture, at play here is an astute understanding of shape and composition."

Kolaj Magazine #18, Page 42, Montreal 2017